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About us

By Special Occasions is a premier designer and manufacturer of exquisite special occasion dresses and sweaters for children and young adults. Combining the old world craftsmanship of yesterday with the updated styling of today, our products are fashioned in the United States by award-winning designers and hand crafted with the utmost attention to details. By Special Occasions uses only the most lavish fabrics—bridal satin, organza, and embroidered organza with high stitch counts—and incorporates hand-beaded pearls, beads and sequins on our trims to create high-quality, unique masterpieces that can be cherished in family photographs for years to come. Luxurious to the touch and beautiful to the eye, all of our dresses are also fully lined, with full crinoline petticoats and zippers with covered plackets.

Founded in 1990, By Special Occasions began as a family-owned business and has grown into one of the largest children’s dress manufacturers in the United States. This can be attributed to our superior craftsmanship and dedication to providing beautiful attire at the best value. Offering sizes ranging from 3 months to 7-16, all of our special occasion wear undergoes a triple inspection to ensure proper finishing before leaving our facility. This extra added touch, along with our impeccable attention to timeless quality and styling, make By Special Occasions one of the last remaining establishments of its kind.